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September 12 2014


How To Get A Quality Business Phone Number In Australia

When you are running a business that uses a phone for service you are probably going to want a separate line. If you advertise with your personal phone number you will soon regret it when your business starts to take off. You can have a professional line for your customers to dial so they can get the proper service they need. Another benefit of a professional line is that you can take all of the calls you need to take. If people are calling while you are on the other line then you will not be able to take the call on your personal phone. If you have a business line and other people are calling in then you will be able to either accept their call and put them on hold or have another employee take the call.

There are plenty of services like these that you can make use of. You have some great options if you need a professional line in Australia. Australia uses 1300 Numbers for many of their businesses, and the best provider for these numbers is thenumberzguy.com. They are a provider of professional lines that charge by the minute for your customers. They have several packages that you can choose from so your customer gets charged different rates. You can see what package deals they have by visiting their website at thenumberzguy.com.
Another benefit of this company is that they offer professional receptionist services; you can have a receptionist learn about your company and designate that person to answer your calls for you. This is a great service to have because not everybody can take all of their business calls in one single day. A receptionist can take calls and set up appointments or look up information- they are a big help to any business.

Having a 1300 number on your business card or advertisements will also help you appear more professional. When you have a basic number with an area code people might think your services are restricted to a specific area. If this is not true, and you want to advertise for a larger area, then you should think about getting your business a 1300 number. Be sure to keep www.thenumberzguy.com in mind when you are in need of a quality phone service. You can even have thenumberzguy add on a click-to-call button on your website! This will make it so much easier for your customers to get in touch with you or your receptionist. Keep the benefits of a quality phone service in mind when you are looking to get a professional number for your business in Australia. 

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